Swimming Swan Stained Glass Suncatcher

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This month the swan is our featured subject. Living so close to the flagship Slimbridge WWT, I have often visited the swans in residence, and seen them flying in on their migration routes. Utterly breathtaking. I wanted to share their simple beauty in glass.

Measuring 9cm tall and 12cm wide, wrapped in hobby came for a smooth even finished edge, and with a hanging hook discreetly on the reverse, this swan is perfectly ready to adorn your window or wall.

The rules:

On the first of every month, a brand new suncatcher will be showcased.

purchase just 8 suncatchers as part of the scheme and you are entered to receive a free Christmas design worth £20, plus for every purchase your name is entered into a draw to win a gift voucher of £30. Purchase 10 suncatchers and your name is entered 10 times. Live draw will take place on Christmas Eve.

The first 10 of each design will be available to purchase right away from the shop at a special introductory price of £15.00 After that the design goes into the catalogue. It can still be purchased but won’t be that cheap again.

So the details on this piece.


⭐️This is a bespoke glass suncatcher created using traditional stained glass techniques in the heart of the Cotswolds.

⭐️Comes complete with hanging loop ready to add to your Christmas tree or window.

⭐️Please note, this design is handmade to order. Style may vary slightly from the image shown.

Swimming Swan Stained Glass Suncatcher


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