Poppy Glass Studio offers you the chance to see panes of coloured glass crafted into beautiful stained glass windows.

Our artists work in the studio to bring the individual attention that ensures your project meets your exact needs. This is your opportunity to see your ideas turned into an affordable reality.

Choose from the restoration of your existing panels to new designs worked out with the guidance and assistance of your own go to within the studio.

Working with leaded glass or copperfoil we give you the opportunity to either have your existing stained glass work restored, or a brand new design to fit your needs.


Please note that prices for commissions are never shared publicly on the website as often these are commissioned as gifts where the recipient will not want to know the cost. If you would like to enquire further please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Below are some examples of the work we have completed recently.

Restore and rebuild leaded glass panel for a front door


This piece came in to the studio as a complete jigsaw. It had been removed from a Victorian front door and had literally fallen apart. First task was to lay out what we had and see what work was actually going to be needed.

Thankfully all of the glass was crack free so this was more of a rebuild than a recreate. The lead work was completely replaced, all glass was cleaned, and the design was altered to add further colour as discussed with the client to best show off the stained glass.

As this piece was using antique glass, the lead needed to be aged to remove that crisp newness look, this was done using a patina to stain the lead to a deep black after soldering.

Once re-assembled the window was cemented to ensure it would be weather proof to then be returned to the front door where it belonged!

Glass Poppy Box

VLUU L310 W / Samsung L310 W

This was a lovely little commission to create a wedding gift. Working with heavily textured glass is always a challenge as it needs to be cut on the reverse, but as long as the design is reversed to match it isn’t a problem. Both the customer and the wedding couple were very pleased with the end result.







Wine in the vineyard

This piece was completed as a 60th birthday gift. The bottle was specifically chosen as one that the recipient is particularly fond of. Significant care was therefore needed to cut the bottle vertically whilst protecting the label and preventing any cracks forming in the bottle. The ‘grapes’ hanging around the bottle were glass nuggets to continue the 3D element.





Green man

A very intricate design that required significant time on the glass saw. This piece was a commission for a birthday present. The face is a traditional concept greenman, designed by our resident artist in the studio working on a combination of leaf types. A rather complex task to build the leaves to lock together. Copper foiled to show off all aspects with sufficient detail.






Windows within the window

To date this is the largest piece of work completed in the studio. Measuring just under 1 metre wide and 1.3 metres tall.

The design brief was to recreate an historic window within a 400 year old property that complimented the surroundings, paid homage to the view that would have been seen from the spot whilst also working in traditional lead.

The original window had been bricked up some 200 years previously to make way for a building extension and was only revealed during recent renovations.

With there now being a building behind the wall it was impossible to restore the window, so instead the client wanted a nod to what was there historically.

The design had to be eye catching and completed in stained glass and leadwork to ensure the period restoration of the property was maintained. Not a small challenge, but a very enjoyable one that kept the studio very busy for quite some time!



A bespoke commission to fit a recently built doorway. This piece was to be viewed from both sides regularly so it was very important to use glass that looked equally appealing from in front and behind. The design was significant as the client requested the dragonflies needed to be blue and flying towards the sky. The dragonflies had over 40 pieces of glass a piece, and were assembled in copper foil to show their intricate layout fully. The rest of the design was assembled in lead and cemented to allow for a stronger window within a doorway that would be used daily.