Mermaids tears bottle




When sailing ships ruled the seas, sailors would tell tales of the beautiful whispering mermaids that swam with the tall ships. It was said they could change the waves themselves, and they held the luck of the sailors in their hands.

Neptune forbid the mermaids to change the course of nature, but one stormy night when a beautiful ship was being torn to pieces by a storm in the Caribbean, a mermaid felt that she couldn’t leave the men she had watched from afar, and grown to love. to perish. She watched as the captain battled to control the course of his vessel, the ship seemed utterly doomed.

At once the sea calmed and the storm passed. The crew were saved. But Neptune had witnessed the mermaids actions and at once banished her to the oceans depths. Never again would she be allowed to break the surface of the water, or swim in the wake of the ships.

She swam away sobbing.

Her beautiful tears turned to glass in the salty water, and to this day they can be found washed up on beaches, glistening. Legend tells us that if we keep these tears safe, we carry the luck of the mermaids with us, and perhaps the love of that one forlorn mermaid back to her sailors.

A small 4cm tall vial of mermaids tears, hung in a window to catch the light.

Mermaids tears bottle


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