Blue and white sea glass necklace


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Sea glass jewellery.

Legend has it that sea glass is created from the tears of mermaids. These mermaids used to swim alongside a ship, guiding its passage in order to protect the captain or perhaps a sailor that the mermaids loved. However Neptune would become jealous of this. If a mermaid fell in love with a sailor, Neptune would banish her to the depths of the sea where she would weep with a broken heart. Over time the teas would wash up on the shore as beautiful fragments of glass. Our sea glass.

Each of my necklaces and earrings created in the studio are unique creations, guided by what the sea has given me to work with.

This piece uses glass gathered from the beaches around the southern coast of the Isle of Wight, where smugglers and mermaids roamed.

Your necklace comes on an 18” silver plated twisted chains ready to wear.

Blue and white sea glass necklace


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